How lovely that you are interested in joining our association! On this page you can read how to enrol to our association and read our most frequently asked questions. Please pay attention that this is an association just for students. You can only enrol if you study at an MBO, HBO or a university here in the Netherlands.

You first step to enrol is to send an email to secretaris@cavenecadas.nl. In this mail you will state your interest in becoming a member and if you have ever ridden a horse in the past.

After you have done that, the secretary will reach out to you about a trial lesson. To become a member of our association, it is mandatory to do a trial lesson. During this lesson our instructor will judge which riding level fits you the best. After the lesson it is up to you to decide if you want to become a member or not. IMPORTANT! trial lessons don't take place every week, which means that there is a chance that you will end up on our spare list.

After the trial lesson you will receive an email from the secretary, in which we ask you if you want to become a member. If you want to become a member then the secretary will send you all the needed information and will ask you to sign some paperwork
If you have signed the papers and read all information carefully you can send them back to the secretary. After you have done that, you are officially a member of Cave ne Cadas.


On which days/times are the lessons taking place?
Every Tuesday evening we have three lessons: one at 19:00 till 20.00, one from 20:00 till 21:00 and one from 21:00 till 22:00 o'clock. You're level will determine at what time you will ride and which level you can enrol for. The lessons will take place place at Manege Thielen which takes about 30 minutes to arrive to by bike from the Tilburg University sports centre.

How much many will it cost me to become a member?
For information about the costs please go to the heading called prices. If you still have question after that, then feel free to send an email to penningmeester@cavenecadas.nl

What kind of lessons can I expect at your association?
At the stables we mainly focus on dressage but once in a while we also have other lessons like jumping or an outside ride.

What kind of activities do you organize and where can I find it?
We have a big variety of activities. We have fun social activities like having drinks together but also horse activities like an outside ride. As soon as you become a member, you can find all the activities in a google spreadsheet. The link to this sheet can be found in our Whatsapp group. You will be added to this groupchat as soon as you become an official member.