How nice that you are interested in the faces behind T.S.R. Cave ne Cadas! We'd like to introduce ourselves so you know who you're in contact with.


I am Jaimy and I am 20 years old, I am studying Social Work with the Major Child&Youth at Windesheim in Zwolle. Because of love I moved to Tilburg in May 2020 and joined the association. I was looking for people to gain a new network in a for me new city. I became a very active member quickly after I joined and I met the most wonderful people. I am enthusiastic, neat and like to be a chairman of an association. When I was young, I used to ride horses at stables for two years. After I stopped there, I have been on many outside rides. I did approximately thirty a year. It was quite a difference for me to go back to riding dressage inside an arena again.


Hey! My name is Inge and I will fulfil the role of secretary in our association. For the past half year I’ve been working as treasurer and I’ve really loved being involved in the board of our association.  I’m 25 years old and I just graduated from my master clinical psychology. I’ve just started working at a nursing home, but I get to finish my board year. After having ridden on ponies for a large part of my teens, I’ve been riding almost every week in the student lessons of Cave ne Cadas for three years now. We are a small but very fun association and I would definitely recommend our lessons to anyone who is still riding or has ridden and even beginners.


Hello! My name is Bono, I'm 26 years old, live in Tilburg (also known as Kruikenstad, Alaaf!) and I am a Master's student Data Science at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Before my Master's I have studied ICT & Software Engineering at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg. I have been approached to take the role of treasurer for the remainder of the academic year and I happily accepted. Currently I don't really have experience with horse riding but I see this, as a new member of the association and the board, as an excellent opportunity to do something about that!

PR functionary

My name is Eva and I’m doing a master of humanistics in Utrecht, after I finished my HBO Social work (and a premaster humanistics). I originally come from Oosterhout, but I have been living in Tilburg for 5 years now (because Tilburg is just the best student city!). I started horse riding when I was ten, and when I moved to Tilburg I joined this association, because I couldn’t misschien my biggest hobby! From the start I felt connected with Cave ne Cadas, which is why this year is my third board year already. Besides riding at Thielen I take care of and ride a KWPN/Friesian horse called Pardoes.