Interested in joining?

Are you interested in joining? Once you are a member, a lot can be organised and done. We organise competitions, visit the competitions from our Sister-associations (these competitions are called “SO’s”) and participate in other horse-related and non-horse activities!

We have two kinds of members. First, the active members; who ride in our weekly lesson. The second member type is the activity-members, who do not ride in our monday lesson, but will join us for other activities.


What does Cave ne Cadas offer you?:


 Weekly horseriding lesson (dressage) on monday for a good price.

 Possibility to join our jumping lesson every first monday of the month.

 Yearly competition at our riding school.

 Multiple competitions all over the country, organised by our sister-associations(SO’s).

 Hacks and trails through the beautiful nature around Tilburg (“Loonse duinen”, forests etc.)

 Lots of non-horse related activities like an escape-room

Horse related activities like Horse-football, visiting the racing track or clinics

 You can borrow some equpiment from us like a Cap, whip and competition-attire.





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