Planning 2017/2018

Agenda Activities Cave ne Cadas 2018/2019

October 22 – horse soccer
November 22 – escape room
December – trading game with gifts for the holidays (see date planner on Facebook)
January 24 – beercantus for the Wwinter TOP week
February – activity (such as pool or cycling dinner)
February 11 – board meeting
Februari 26 – Pubquiz at Lokaal Zeven
March – carriage driving clinic
March 30/31 – SO Cave ne Cadas
April – pool/bowling
May – wagon tour with lunch and/or beer
June – riding outside at a different stable/environment
June/July – Drinks

We always try to plan the dates for our activity with a ‘datumprikker’, so everyone can share their preferred dates and we can pick the one that most people are available.